Gavin’s new album The Family Tree will be released in March 2017. It contains ten new compositions all written since becoming a father in 2016. The record also features Gavin playing a double bass built by his own father, a keen stringed instrument maker, who spent 15 years building the bass as a labour of love for his son. Gavin composed many of the tunes on this bass which provided huge inspiration for the album, and he decided to dedicate it to his dad, Steve, as well as the rest of his family, including new baby boy, Charlie. The other themes of the album include friendships, childhood memories, family connections and Gavin’s home in the Peak District. The band features Jeff Guntren on tenor saxophone, Jim Faulkner on guitar and Dave Walsh on drums. Recorded in one day at 80 Hertz Studios in Manchester, The Family Tree also has two tracks with Gavin on acoustic guitar (again built by his father – this one back in 1967), Rhiannon James on viola and Margit van der Zwan on cello. A sample of the record can be heard below. The album can be purchased through the Shop page.